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Friday, April 24, 2009

Why list at KSE?
Source of Funds

Ability to tap a broader universe of investors as well as larger pool of investment capital.More capital can be raised through additional stock offerings if sufficient investor interest exists.In a tight monetary cycle, with high debt costs, equity markets are a more efficient and cost effective way for companies to get funded.

Flexibility of Use
Hire new staff, expand existing operations or fund acquisitions.Use Listed Shares as “swaps” for acquisitions and mergers; this can accelerate domestic, regional and global growth strategies.Decreases a company’s reliance on raising funds on debt markets and reduces annual interest payments.Be able to attract and retain more highly qualified personnel if it can offer stock options, bonuses, or other incentives with a known market value, especially in a tight labor market.KSE is amongst the lowest listing and annual fees in the region.

Exit Strategy
Existing shareholders can more easily sell their interests at retirement, for diversification, or for any other reason. A ready market always exists for a publicly listed company. Profile BuildingMore public attention due to more media interest.Coverage from Investment Analysts both domestically and internationally can provide the company with a greater profile and visibility.Ultimately, a more diversified group of investors will take an interest in the company, increasing demand for its shares thus raising its value.

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